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Crises in Frascati

The Frascati theatre asked a large number of theatre makers, artists, writers, and scientists to address the economic crisis. In a short space of time, they created new work especially for this occasion: rough sketches, reflections, or first impulses. Frascati also programmed shows and performances that had once been created in response to a crucial historical moment, for example the murder of Pim Fortuyn, the heyday of the economy, or the deep descents of the 1930s.

We took the title literally, and turned Frascati into a temporary emergency shelter. Participants were offered a place to relax and make plans for the future. There was free soup and bread. A cheap, fast, but also dedicated and affectionate design that transforms the entire public space, all the way down to the restrooms. Everything is packed with cardboard, newspapers, aluminium foil, and wood chips; all cheap waste materials because, after all, the money has evaporated. Photos and articles about the crisis are pasted onto these materials. Everything was hastily and provisionally set up: a ballet floor half rolled out, pieces of the set stacked along the wall, rough finishes. In the hall, we set up a media space so that the current developments in society could be followed, and so that the foyer and the performance stage would be in contact with each other.

Frascati Producties 2009

photo courtesy Willem Sluyterman van Loo
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