Marloes van der Hoek
Wikke van Houwelingen

Carry Hendriks, Management

Merel de Vroome, assistent






The Ugly One

Lette, the inventor of a revolutionary kind of plug, was found by his boss Scheffler to be too ugly to sell the product himself. That is why his colleague is assigned to present the new plug. Even his wife Fanny finds Lette too ugly, so he decides to undergo plastic surgery with Dr. Scheffler and his assistant Fanny, to get a new head.  De weerzinwekkende (The Ugly One) is a fast, surrealistic comedy about the compulsive dictatorship of the cult of beauty, and about the coercive grip of the consumption society.

In the technology company where Lette works, the motto is “beauty sells.” Technology is no longer assessed in terms of its operation and content, but rather in terms of “the experience.” Apple’s iconic stores set the standard. Their aesthetics, with clear light, glass, and polished steel, are reflected in most non-places. These are places where people stay only temporary, such as the locations in this piece: clinics, hotels, conference rooms, foyers. The revolving door is also characteristic of these environments. Our space could be anywhere in the world, and yet feels familiar and reliable. When the revolving door is stretched out, four equal spaces are created. The innermost circle of panels is rotated manually, and the second circle rotates around it on a motor.

Momo/Theatercompagnie 2009

director Anna van der Heijden

light Maarten van Rossem

costumes Daphne de Winkel

photo courtesy Thijme Breukers

set M\W