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Demonen is about the attempt to stay together for a lifetime. Writer Lars Norén depicts a living room as an emotional battlefield. What begins as a couple having some spontaneous drinks with their neighbours culminates in a chaotic evening that gives rise to suppressed fears, fantasies, and frustrations.

The decor is both transparent and oppressive. Fragile glass is a motif in the text; Norén even called the material “solidified sadness.” The construction is an aluminium frame of perspective lines, recalling a fallen skyscraper or a glass cage. The actors stand on a sloping floor made of plexiglass, under a sloping roof. There is no table and no bed, only smooth floors, glass, and steel. The set then unexpectedly seems to tip over, with the roof slowly turning upwards. The players are no longer clamped in, and can move about freely. An infinite space is created, which at the same time is a gaping abyss.

Toneelgroep Oostpool 2016

director Marcus Azzini

costumes Lotte Goos

light Yuri Schreuders

music Kasper Tarenskeen

set M\W