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Wikke van Houwelingen

Marcusstraat, Amsterdam

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Dog Man Woman

In Hond Vrouw Man, a man and a woman are trying to become happy together. But it seems as if one can be happy only if the other one is unhappy. The dog provides a running commentary. This is a performance about love, loneliness, and the stranglehold of the freedom of choice.

If a relationship is a chess game, then players should ask themselves the question: where do I find myself on the board compared to the other person? And how do I manipulate that environment? We place the audience on 75 rolling chairs, and the players act in between them. On the short sides of the hall, there are two mirror walls, which lean forward. This creates a gigantic space and a disorienting feeling, as if we were floating in an aquarium. The actors can be viewed from all sides: directly, because the chairs are rolling, and indirectly, via the mirrors. The barrier seems to be completely removed, and the spectator is the backdrop. Looking versus watching, privacy versus intimacy, the other, the masses versus the individual.

Toneelschuur Producties 2007

director Matthias Mooij

light Coen Schut

costumes Roos Smith

set M//W