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A Little Mermaid

What is so special about humans that a mermaid would like to become one? The answer is: their imagination. We need fantasy, which is better than reality, in order to be able to cope with that reality. People are unbearable, selfish, environmental polluters, but their limitless imagination makes them unique. Azzini uses various disciplines and artists; Jorieke Abbing wrote the texts, and fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen made his theatrical debut. The actors, many of whom have a background in the movement theatre, work in a primarily physical and musical way. The assembly of all these forms results in an associative and dynamic performance.

The performance is a diptych, and we created two environments. The first is a plastic bubble, in which a musical and imaginative collage of associations is created, evoking the fairy-tale The Little Mermaid. Then the mermaid wants to break away from his underwater world and jumps against the walls with all his strength. The side walls hang on elastic bands, and vigorously shake back and forth. The material that at first seemed so vulnerable proves to be very strong. After many intense attempts, the “bubble” ultimately bursts. The wind can be felt all the way to the back of the space. This is where the second part begins, which takes place in the cold, hard world of the humans. The untidy non-space of the backstage is now visible: a bucket, brooms, and work lights.

Toneelgroep Oostpool 2011

director Marcus Azzini

text contributions Jorieke Abbing

costumes Mattijs van Bergen

sound William Bakker

set, light M\W

photo courtesy Thijme Breukers