Marloes van der Hoek
Wikke van Houwelingen

Carry Hendriks, Management

Merel de Vroome, assistent






Garden of Machines

In this exhibition, we are given a glimpse into the near future of technology, and how it will affect our daily lives very soon, in domains such as the household, recreation, trade, traffic, health care, and our body. Curator Klaas Kuitenbrouwer shows us robots, often prototypes, that were made by artists, scientists, and companies from home and abroad.

We approach the exhibition as a theatre performance, only this time with the robots as the actors. The whole needs to be a story, but also a visual experience, an immersion. A separate installation is built for each ‘”machine,” in which we show how technical and organic creatures are interwoven. To do so, we use simple, recognizable materials, in contrast to the highly advanced and expensive robots. In this way, we create futurism in an everyday context. Each set has its own lighting and sound design, and the visitor wanders through the different zones as if in a haunted house.

Het Nieuwe Instituut 2015

curator Klaas Kuitenbrouwer

sound Remco de Jong
Florentijn Boddendijk

spacial design M//W
in samenwerking met
Roel Huisman