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Italian composer and prince Carlo Gesualdo (1566-1613) lived an anguished, controversial life in his palaces in Southern Italy. He would not only have a whole forest cut down because the rustling of the leaves hindered his composing, but he also killed his wife and her lover, tortured animals, was whipped by his staff, suffered from depression and had a witch as a mistress. Meanwhile he composed his heavenly music, ahead of its time. De Warme Winkel and the Netherlands Chamber Choir erected the production on the foundations of everything that attracts and repels us as human beings: the trinity Violence / Art / Sex.

In search of an environment that offers space for the performance of both majestic vocal compositions and the extravagant physical acts inspired by the immoral life of the prince, we created a ‘Perverted Performance Palace’. The palace here is not so much a location as it is more about a mix of elements that together express a regal monumental atmosphere, as a platform for the perfect beauty and the perfect cruelty.We look for the materials in the questionable area between art and kitsch. A marble stage, pink satin curtains, gold scaffolding, an XL video screen and sheepskin rugs. It can be sophisticated but also porn-chic. Sublime art, hand in hand with revolting bad taste.

de Warme Winkel 2018

director Michael Laub

costumes Bernadette Corstens

light Prem Scholte Albers

musical supervision Bo Koek

set M\\W

photo nr. 6 Sophie Knijff