Marloes van der Hoek
Wikke van Houwelingen

Carry Hendriks, Management

Merel de Vroome, assistent






I won’t play Medea

Ik speel geen Medea (I won’t play Medea) is a new text by Magne van den Berg for three women. One actress, backstage just before the beginning of a performance, starts searching for the meaning of making a living in the world of theatre. Despair sets in, and her love-hate relationship with the theatre profession becomes visible. Two colleagues assist her in her internal struggle, reflecting on her monologue like a classic Greek choir. It is a plea for the courage to question everything you believe in, so that only what is truly valuable remains.

The actress stands next to a large, space-filling, gold-coloured cube that is six metres high. She slowly moves through that golden theatre cage, the minimalist Medea setting that might refer to the Golden Fleece. Mentally, she has already left this golden space of the theatre, but her body is not yet so far along. Her body still seems to be walking through the mise en scène that was agreed upon for Medea, and to be following the corresponding lighting design. As soon as the actress leaves the space, the gold-coloured canvas falls in one sweeping motion: an endless sea of gold appears, and the two-piece choir, which was also ready to perform the piece, is revealed.

Rudolphi Producties 2016

concept, text Magne van den Berg

director Paul Knieriem

sound Huba de Graaff

light Gé Wegman

costumes Bernadette Corstens

photo courtesy beeld nr. 3: Ben van Duin

scenography M\W