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Laura’s pieces

Laura van Dolron does stand-up philosophy. She stands on stage as herself, and has a conversation with the audience. She makes theatre without any roles, illusion, or transformation. Clear, verbal searches in which she consistently makes the performance situation as “atheatrical” as possible, and tries to avoid all forms of irony.

We were looking for the simplest gesture that could make a space personal. No cumbersome and heavy statements, but rather as transparent and light-hearted as possible. The audience remains aware of the fact that they are sitting in the theatre – in a local and temporary meeting – but they are also visiting Laura. In this way, her argument can manifest itself in the space, and your gaze, even if it wanders for a moment, does not end up fixed on a boring theatre curtain, but rather on an object that is part of a larger thought.

‘Sartre zegt sorry’ (‘Sartre says sorry’) was selected in 2011 for the Vlaams en Nederlands Theater Festival.


‘Sartre zegt sorry’ werd in 2011 geselecteerd voor het Vlaams en Nederlands Theater Festival.

Het voordeel van de twijfel Frascati Prodcuties, 2010

Sartre zegt sorry Het Nationale Toneel, 2011

Wat nodig is Het Nationale Toneel, 2011

Liefhebben In goed gezelschap van Laura, 2014

Mogelijkheden In goed gezelschap van Laura, 2015

concept, performance Laura van Dolron

light Gé Wegman

photo courtesy Eerste foto: Deen van Meer

set, costumes M\W