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In Bed With my Father (…)

The full title of this play is: ‘In Bed With my Father (due to the circumstances)’. After the death of his wife and her mother, a father and daughter have 28 faltering telephone calls. About the weather, the old possessions, a new woman, and how far you can go in looking for comfort from someone else. There is a huge gap to be bridged: between the stiffness of the countryside and the expressive nature of the city, but also between moving on and holding on after the loss of the mother.

A thin grey cloth hangs between the audience and the stage. It could be the curtain of a window on a drizzly day, but it also represents the distance between father and daughter, both literally and figuratively. The players are sometimes located on the small strip in front of the fabric, and sometimes in the large space behind it. The lighting also alternately illuminates the front and rear spaces. Throughout the entire performance, a passing grey sky is subtly projected. We see Images from a train journey taken from the east to the west of the country, as if you were looking out of a train window.


Juryselectie Vlaams en Nederlands Theaterfestival 2014
Genomineerd voor de BNG Bank Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs 2014

Toneelschuur Producties 2014

concept Marieke de Kleine

text Magne van den Berg

director Paul Knieriem

light Coen Schut

costumes Jorine van Beek

photo courtesy laatste foto: Sanne Peper

set, videoconcept M\W