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Pool (no water)

In the Parade performance Pool (no water), a successful artist invites some old friends to her luxurious villa with a swimming pool. For one night, the group is back together again. They celebrate, and think back to the old days, the golden age full of drugs, art, and fun. The party ends abruptly when a terrible accident puts the hostess in a coma. While the woman is in the hospital, the group concocts an insane plan to turn her suffering into art.

We created a bath filled with white liquid. It functions as a swimming pool, a hospital room, and ultimately – for the attentive spectator – as a kind of glossy iPod, a veiled commentary on the “hipsterization” of art. The back wall is made up of 40 scans of moving body parts; these are from the broken body of the hostess. During the performance, these parts can be read in different ways: as underwater dream images, as medical documentation, and as the collective artwork of the group of friends.

Productiehuis d*Amor 2009

director Joeri Vos

music Jasper Lekkerkerk

photo courtesy Thijme Breukers
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set, light, costumes M\W