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Small World

Boogaerdt and Van der Schoot announce that we have a situation. On the stage is a ravage of fluorescent pink, bright green, and yellow toys, children’s bikes, kites, garbage, and junk. Above this is the frame of a merry-go-round with light tubes flashing on and off. Dark, Mickey Mouse-like figures make mechanical movements to hard music. These are the ingredients from the children’s paradise, the amusement park, the entertainment industry. A homemade fun machine that celebrates the absurdity of our spectacle society.

Disney constantly takes us by the hand, and tells us with violins what we need to feel with every scene. We give an answer with fragments from this entertainment industry. We literally collected these old toys from the rubbish dump. From the ruins, a fairy-tale land is created during the performance. In an eclectic and imaginative way, we gradually build our makeshift magic world. It is an ode to creativity. This material was collected for free, so that all of the decor budget could be spent on renting an even bigger truck transport it all during the tour.

Nominated for the Mime Prize 2012

Rudolphi Producties, BVDS 2012

concept, performance Bianca van der Schoot
Suzan Boogaerdt, Marie Groothof
Floor van Leeuwen, Erika Cederqvist

director Sanne van Rijn

light Gé Wegman

sound Wessel Schrik

photo courtesy foto 3 & 10: Ben van Duin

set M\W