Marloes van der Hoek
Wikke van Houwelingen

Marcusstraat, Amsterdam

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Snowflake is a performance about the virtual life of teenagers – A world of Instagram, dickpics, trolls and K-pop. The four actors play eight students. They are all snowflakes: vulnerable to comments, ranking, shaming. Without knowing each other, the students get under the spell of the mysterious figure they all have in their contact list: Red Rabbit. Somewhere in the confusion between online and real life things go fatally wrong.

Eight tables, a large screen. The hardware is simple and sober. The performers can quickly and transparently change roles. They also operate the labtop. The screen is the interface between the online and the offline world: all online activities of the teenagers – chatting, emailing, apping, vlogging, googling, facebooking – appear on a desktop that slowly fills with the endless stream of data and information that continuously surrounds them and swallows them. The tension of intimacy and confrontation that is too intense in real life can be better handled via the screen. But in the digital world, boundaries are crossed faster. And when that leads up to one of the characters dropping dead, the screen also literaly drops down for the rest of them, just like the screen of their laptop. Then there is a moment of reflection.

De Toneelmakerij 2019

director Paul Knieriem

costume Jorine van Beek

light Gé Wegman

video and set M\W