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A Tragedy (simplified)

Naomi Velissariou combines her ambivalent relationship to her homeland of Greece and her hometown of Genk with her love for the classics. At a furious pace, she tells a postmodern family epoch in which suffering plays an important role.

Over the course of an hour and fifteen minutes, the space transforms from completely empty to overcrowded. A landscape of technical equipment is created: speakers, lights, cables, and tripods. Composer and musician Jimi Zoet puts a blanket of beats over the whole, and together with dense smoke this creates an oppressive and raw environment for a performance that is perhaps best referred to as a hysterical concert.

BNG Bank Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs (Theatremakers Prize) 2014

Frascati Producties 2013

concept, text, performance Naomi Velissariou

sound, performance Jimi Zoet

director Gillis Biesheuvel

light Attilah Nemeth