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Vote Back!

After the 2012 elections for the Dutch Lower House of Parliament, Frascati and the arts centre De Appel organised Stem terug! Vote Back!, a festival about the state of democracy and the role of art as a driving force for new ideas. With shows, debates, documentaries, pamphlets, performances, lectures, master classes and an exhibition, visual artists, theatre makers, politicians and opinion makers responded to the question: how can the arts be a motor for ideology and change?

The morning after the election night before. Silence after the storm of the campaigns and the party. We compiled left-over campaign materials from the political parties: flyers, posters, balloons, buttons, T-shirts, etc. A lot of it goes through the shredder. Posters and flyers become the confetti and garlands that we use to sow the floor of Frascati’s large hall. This surface gives space and context to the various performances and lectures, as if there were a collective celebration of all the parties the night before, when just a few hours before the politicians were still drunkenly dancing the polonaise. The destroyed pamphlets form the humus layer for new thoughts. In the middle is an empty election sign that functions as a projection screen, among other things. A tangle of lamps is high up in the corner, like the rising sun, with dust clouds gathering

Frascati/De Appel arts centre 2012

set, light M//W