Marloes van der Hoek
Wikke van Houwelingen

Carry Hendriks, Management

Merel de Vroome, assistent






WAR 6+

Oorlog 6+ is a montage performance for children. Even before the players take the stage, things are already happening. Something is starting to fall. One collision causes the next, which starts a Rube-Goldberg-like chain of events. Invisible forces pull on strings, and slowly everything turns into a battlefield. In the meantime, three frightened and unwilling soldiers have their own parts to play. But war is too massive to be able to say anything meaningful about it. Intertitles announce impossible chapters: the attack, the solution, the battle, the war, conflict, the bombardment. But we also see intertitles depicting roller-skating, picnicking, and playing tag.

We created a rehearsal set with many ingredients and diverse objects: things that can fall and pop. It’s a playful environment. We pile things on and take things away. We struggle with meaning: an object can easily refer to a specific geography, or to a historical or political context, and we very much want to avoid that. We want to show a dynamic, without references and without taking positions. Everything is set in an environment that is as neutral as possible: a large, soft-pink marble bucket, an eternal tomb for battle.

Nominated for the Mime Prize 2017

Won a Zilveren Krekel prize for Best Stage Performance 2017


Theater Artemis 2017

director Jetse Batelaan

performers Willemijn Zevenhuijzen
Tjebbe Roelofs
Martin Hofstra

costumes Liesbet Swings

set, light M\W