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You can jump

Boogaerdt & Van der Schoot worked with six third-year students from the ArtEZ School of Acting, based on the idea that we should not see the absurdity of existence as an end point, but rather as a starting point. In You Can Jump, they investigate what it means to put a stop to time, which carries us through the routine of a quiet life, and to instead carry life for themselves. With simple fluorescent lighting. Without any goal, purpose, or meaning.

The location of the project is a pleasant white space, retro-industrial, with lots of light from the skylights. You can sit there quietly, watch, and contemplate life. To enhance that effect and to maximize the quality of the space, we use a lot of extra light, and a white riser. During the performance, a composition is built using everyday objects: a piece of tape, a piece string, chalk, a balloon, and a cleaning cloth are enough to make a quick artwork, which, after a few seconds of existence, is slowly and lovingly demolished.

Toneelgroep Oostpool 2015

director Suzan Boogaerdt
Bianca van der Schoot

photo courtesy laatste beeld: Sanne Peper

set, light M\W